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How to VERTS Your Veggies: Vol. 24.22.17


Last time we convened, you learned about roughly half of the fresh vegetables you can pick from when you VERTS and what they can do for your health. This post will cover the next third of our offerings, while our final volume will cover our special seasonal additions that are — as of 4/21 — available at all of our locations.

Ready for the rest of our staples? Let’s do this.


Sumac Onions &/or Pickled Onions

Small, but fierce. Gastric ulcers? The free radicals here help reduce the risk of developing those, just as the presence of quercetin can help fight off cancer. If you’re looking to lower your bad cholesterol, reduce inflammation, or stave off infections, onions’ll do that, too. The chromium helps regulate blood sugar, and the vitamin C (in addition to the phytochemicals) will give you the always applicable immunity boost.


Spiced Chickpeas

If you’re a vegetarian, sources of protein can be tough to come by, but these bad boys can take care of that. The fiber found here will help your digestive system, and the folate and manganese help support bone development and wound healing. These are all additives that can be found in the other veggies we’ve covered, but the particular blend found here is unique (and variety is always a good idea, too).


Pickled Jalapeños

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Capsaicin quite literally burns away fat and calories (it also fights arthritis AND cancer), Substance P — a neuropeptide — can be used to ease headaches, the vitamin A & C and flavinoids lower blood pressure (and add to that the propensity of peppers to break up fibrin in the body, which forms blood clots). In addition to all the above, you’re also looking at a great source of anti-oxidants here which is another win. It’s understandable that not everyone is a fan of heat, but if you can stomach it, the rewards are plentiful.


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