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Getting into the Holiday Spirit(s): Part Deux12.29.16


Last week, we took an in-depth look at which wines paired best with every corner of our menu. We also promised you a sequel, and by golly are you in for a treat.

This time around, we’ll be discussing which type of brew you should give some serious thought to ordering the next time you pay us a visit. Let’s get started, yeah?

Something Lighter

The spectrum of beers has grown to be nearly as diverse as the culinary world in their colors, flavors, and alcohol percentage. Any one particular type of brew can splinter off into a number of well-crafted variations – leading to a near-endless adventure of discovery for any hop-lover.

Perhaps the most accessible is the golden ale – light, lofty, and arguably one of the better thirst-quenchers. It brings some great balance to anything salty or acidic, and shines most notably alongside our glorious hummus – two mild-mannered flavors that dance well together as opposed to stepping on eachother’s toes as they both try to take the lead.

Peticolas Golden Opportunity is a fantastic iteration of the goldens that can be found in select VERTS regions. Even in spring or summer, this one’s great in any weather whatsoever.

Something Heavier

For anyone who prefers their brewed bevs on the bitter side, a heavier IPA might be what you’re looking for. They go particularly well with meats, as the fat can serve as a reprieve to this beer’s powerful finish. If you add any yogurt-based sauce, even better – the creaminess will coat your palate and prevent the bitterness from overwhelming what’s in front of you. As far as unique culinary excursions go, this is one duo that deserves a chance.

If the above has piqued your curiosity, might we suggest the (512) IPA? It’s an Austin darling that we’re thrilled to have stocked and available to order for patrons like you. Keep it cold.

Something Inbetween

The pale ale is a perfect middle ground if you’re looking for something light (but not too light) with a bit more personality – crisp, with a flavor that isn’t overpowering or bitter like some craft beers can be. When considering the wide range of flavors found on our menu, this is a great choice for its ability to not trample lighter fare (such as salads) while still being able to cut through the flavors of heartier, spicier dishes and offer some refreshment.

Deep Ellum’s Pale Ale can be found at some of our locations, and we can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for something that leaves plenty of room for VERTS.

Let us know how you enjoy these pairings (or let us know if you think of something better) on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!



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